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Canadian Springs Water is Canada'a leading provider of bottled waterCanadian Springs also offers installed water systems to business and residential customers.  Canadian Springs Water prides themselves in great customer service and curtious, on time water delivery.  We've done a ton of research on Canadian Springs.  Take a look below to decide if Canadian Springs is right for you. 

Canadian Springs Water Products Offered:

1) Coolers and Cooler Options:

Canadian Springs water offers a ton of amazing water coolers for your home or business. With so many selections to choose from, you’ll be sure to fins the perfect for your needs. Canadian Springs offers super high quality, and extremely durable “cabinets” or bottle holders to last your business or family a lifetime. You’ll never have to worry about choosing the wring water cabinet with Canadian Springs.

You Choose: Size Color and Style

A great thing about the bottled water service is the choice in design. You may think “why does the design matter?” but this unit will be in your home or office to stay, so they’ve given you a ton a choice in color and design. If you have a stainless steel kitchen, then go for the stainless steel.

You can go for the traditional white, platinum, stainless steel and even an elegant country style ceramic crock with a wooden stand.   This one is perfect for the home or even cabin or cottage.  They’ve really mastered giving you a ton of choice.

Most of the standup coolers are 38 inches high x 13 inches wide. Compact enough to fit into most spaces.

Canadian Springs Water also offers you the perfect countertop, compact version. This is an awesome space saver, and is rust proof, so your counters won’t stain.

Canadian Spring Costs:

Canadian Springs offers you a payment plan, or a “lease to own” so that you end up purchasing the cooler. The Canadian Springs “IGO Reflection” coolers range from $7.95/month to $18.95/month. The price rang difference comes down to choice o color and options.

For example, choosing the plain white cooler costs $7.95 per month for cold, and room temperature water. You can add a hot water tank to the unit by paying an additional $1.00 per month. This is perfect for making tea, instant coffee and pastas.

The stainless steel cooler runs a monthly rate of $18.95 per month. You can choose to add a hot water tank for an additional $3.00 per month for a total cost of $21.95.

Additional Accessories:

Canadian Springs also offers you some handy accessories (optional) such as a cup dispenser, and a safety tap for the cold water tap. All hot water taps automatically come with a safety tap. The cold water safety tap is a good idea if you have small children.

Water Bottle Sizes:
Canadian springs has managed to come up with a few options when it comes to the bottle size. When choosing your bottle size, you will also need to let them know if you want Natural Spring or Demineralized water.

Natural Spring Water comes from natural springs was locations across Canada. This water is not demineralized, which keeps all of the water’s natural minerals in place.

Demineralized Water has all of the water’s minerals removed. The minerals are removed by either reverse osmosis or a distillation process. Demineralized r is great water or people who may be watching their mineral intake.

If you’re unsure of what’s best for you or your family, just ask one of Canadian Springs representatives.

Now that you understand the water choices, here are the bottles sizes to choose from:

18.5 litre


11.3 litre

The bottle size is up to you. Both bottle sizes fits the 18L cooler. When ordering from Canadian Springs, you will have to order a minimum of 2 bottles at a time. You are also required to pay a $10.00 refundable deposit for each bottle.

Canadian Springs also offers convenient single serving 500 ml bottles of their Natural Spring water. This can be delivered to your home or office. If you buy individual water already, then why not add this in to your order each month. It’s delivered right to your door.

2) Filtration Systems (Installed Water System)

Unknown to many, Canadian Springs also offers high quality ad professional Micro-Filtration, Installed water systems. This means that there are no bottles, but rather a water line, tied into your city water line, usually right under your sink.

Although it’s tied right into the city water, you’re not drinking city waterCanadian Springs Filtration System takes the raw city water in, and filters it through a micro filter to remove impurities. The filter removes lead, dirt, asbestos, turbidity, chlorine, THMs and harmful cysts right out of the raw city water

Canadian Springs offers a few ways to get this delicious filtered water into your glass and cooking. 

One form is the Cooler Tower. The cooler tower looks like a regular bottled water cooler, but without the bottle. This is great for businesses and homes looking for easy access to water, however positioned further away from the sink or kitchen. Renting the cooler tower runs a monthly rate of $24.95 for the room temperature and cold taps. You also have the option of adding a hot water tank for near boiling water.

Your other installed option is the Under the Counter Version. This has all the same filtration benefits of the cooler tower, however it’s tucked away neatly under the sink. This version is perfect is you have space under the counter, and want your water right next to your sink. The installation will include a separate faucet, so you can still use your regular sink tap. This version simply filters the water, so if you want cold water, you’ll have to purchase the optional chiller unit.

The last and newest option Canadian Springs offers is the Residential Filter System. This sleek and compact filter installs right into your existing water line, and uses your existing faucet. The filter is small, however it does a great job of removing particles from the water. Annual maintenance is required, and involves changing the filter. The filter can be changed easily at home by the owner.
The Bottom Line

Choosing an installed system has its benefits. There is no need for heavy bottles, bottle storage, and is a great space saver. The best part…an unlimited supply of drinking water for a fixed cost per month.

Additional Products and Services

Canadian Springs provides great water with great customer service. We placed several calls into the customer support team to rank the service. Overall it was friendly, no pressure service that made us feel comfortable.

We found that they offer a few additional services that may help out the busy business or the on-the-go family.

Cooler Cleaning:

Canadian Springs Water offers a few cooler cleaning programs that help to maintain a clean and safe water cooler. You can choose a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual cleaning plan. A professional will come to clean your cooler to prevent bacteria growth. The cleaning with keep your water tasting great.

Cleaning Kit:

You can purchase a do-it-yourself cleaning kit for $9.95. The kit includes a scrubber and a cleaning solution.

Cooler Protection Plan:

If you decide to purchase your cooler right out, you can optionally purchase a cooler protection plan. The plan covers new coolers, or coolers covered under the 1 year warranty. The protection plan ensures no hassles for manufacturer’s defects, and replaces your cooler completely if repairs cannot be made.

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